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Mission / Vision

At 3 Birds we use smart, dynamic and responsive technology to develop scalable strategies geared toward your dealership's unique objectives, opportunities and challenges.


We start with smart people. Smart people who write smart content. Smart people who create and execute smart strategies. Smart people who develop smart technology.


We practice agile development of our leading-edge data and content-driven marketing platform to make sure our clients stay ahead of the pack in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Our technology is responsive, but so is our approach to changes in online consumer behavior, campaign performance data and our clients' individual needs and objectives.

A Flocking Awesome Team

Who are we? In the past, we were lawyers, entrepreneurs, developers, and communicators. We worked with Microsoft, the PGA Tour, and some of the biggest names at every tier of the automotive industry. We put in blood, sweat, and tears to turn our passions into results.

Today? Today we’re still all of those things. But together, we’re also something greater: a team dedicated to providing dealers with the marketing tools and solutions they deserve. We think you’ll see the difference.

Our Leadership

Kristen Judd

CEO & Co-Founder

Layton Judd

President & Co-Founder

Len Wohadlo

CFO & Co-Founder

Bryan Krieger


Megan Gardner

VP of Accounts

Bill Egan

VP of Business Development

Doug Van Sach

VP of Analytics and Insight

Let's Talk

Let's Talk!

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